Sir Liam Sneaky-Leaner

Liam came to live with Chris on October 4, 2001.  This is considered his first birthday. While his lineage can not be formally ascertained, great minds believe that he is a Springer Spaniel - Gordon Setter mix. Here are examples of his amazingness.

He has inspired poetry:

"You'ld like Liam, if you'ld only see 'im"


He has won awards!

    June, 2001 Dog of the Month at Happy Dogz dog day care


He has been photographed:

bulletLiam at the top of the stairs, looking like something from a Stephen King novel.
bulletLiam in his cage, where he sleeps.  Feigning patheticness.
bulletLiam lying on Chris' bed
bulletAnother picture of Liam on Chris' bed
bulletLiam behind the house