Chris M. Golde

Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education

(9/01 - 2/07)

Stanford University

Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Senior Scholar

(9/01 - 2/07)

Research Director, Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Photo: Elizabeth Fine


(9/00 - 8/01)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Assistant Professor

(9/96 - 8/00)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Educational Administration




B.A. (Linguistics), Brown University, 1982.
M.A. (Student Personnel Administration), Columbia University, Teachers College, 1984.
M.A. (Sociology) Stanford University, 1993.
Ph.D. (Education), Stanford University, 1996.

Selected Publications

Seyforth, Scott and Golde, Chris M. (Sept/Oct, 2001) "Beyond the Paper Chase:  Using Movies about CollegeAbout Campus. Supplementary information is also available.Golde, Chris M. (24 August, 2001) "Be Honorable and StrategicScience Next Wave Career Development Web Site.Golde, Chris M. and Dore, Timothy M. (January, 2001.) "At Cross Purposes:  What the experiences of today's doctoral students reveal about doctoral education,"  Golde, Chris M. and Pribbenow, Dean A. (2000) "Understanding Faculty Involvement in Residential Learning Communities," Journal of College Student Development, 41(1), 27-40.Golde, Chris (2000) "Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Student descriptions of the doctoral attrition process." Review of Higher Education, 23 (2) 119-227.Gallagher, Alix and Golde, Chris (1999) "The Challenges of Conducting Interdisciplinary Research in Traditional Doctoral Programs."  Ecosystems, 2 (June/July): 281-285.Gallagher, Alix and Golde, Chris (1999) "New Modes of Multdisciplinary Doctoral Education: The Case of the Water and Society IGERT" Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, November 1999.Golde, C.M. (Jan/Feb, 1999). "After the Offer, Before the Deal: Negotiating a First Academic Job," Academe: Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, January/February 1999, Vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 44-49 Robinson, Sean and Golde, Chris (1999) "Waffling & Flailing: Undergraduates in Pursuit of a Ph.D." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, November 1999.Golde, C. M. and P. Fiske "Graduate School and the Job Market of the 90s: A Survey of Young Geoscientists" Eos 78 (42, October 21, 1997) pp.461, 465-466 Golde, C.M. (1997). "Beginning Graduate School: Explaining First Year Doctoral Student Attrition" in "The Experience of Being in Graduate School: An Exploration," ed. by Melissa S. Anderson.Golde, C. M. (October, 1996). "How Departmental Contextual Factors Shape Doctoral Student Attrition." Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford University, 1996.

    Selected Presentations

Where Do We Go From Here: Lessons from the Major National Studies on the Graduate Experience; with Jody Nyquist and Kim Suedkamp-Wells. Critical Issues in Graduate Education symposium, University of Missouri, Columbia. March 8, 2001 

At Cross Purposes:  Results of national survey on doctoral education in English. Modern Language Association meeting, New Orleans, LA. December 28, 2001  At Cross Purposes:  What the experiences of chemistry and science doctoral students say about doctoral education. Chemical Sciences at the Interface of Education (CSIE) symposium, University of Michigan. November 8, 2001                          Selecting graduate schools: Questions to ask yourself. Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, Compact for Faculty Diversity.  October 27, 2001 Mentoring, Panel expert, Canadian Association of Graduate Schools. October 25, 2001                                   

Graduate Education in the 21st century: Opportunities and challenges. Keynote speaker, graduate faculty convocation, University of North Carolina Greensboro. October 4, 2001.

At Cross Purposes:  What the experiences of doctoral students say about doctoral education. Administrative Staff workshop on " Preparing Doctoral Students for Life after UGA." University of Georgia. October 1, 2001                                 

At Cross Purposes:  What the experiences of doctoral students say about doctoral education.  International Society of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions satellite workshop on teaching,  University of Wisconsin-Madison. July 10, 2001                             

Picking Fertile Soil: Helping Prospective Doctoral Students Think Critically About Doctoral Programs and Doctoral Education, NIGMS MORE program directors meeting, National Institutes of Health. June 23, 2001                               Negotiating for an academic job, Burroughs-Welcome Fund post doctoral fellows conclave. June 18, 2001 Mentoring and the multidisciplinary student.  Symposium on Sustainability, Clarkson University. June 17, 2001              Internal Evaluation:  the UW IGERT. IGERT Principal Investigators Meeting, National Science Foundation. Feb, 2001 Results of a Survey of Compact Students:  The Survey of Doctoral Education and Career Preparation.   Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, Compact for Faculty Diversity.  October, 2000     Surviving the Dissertation Process. Workshop on Dissertation Writing, Fresno State University, with Lisa Petrides. July, 2000

Findings from the Survey on Doctoral Education and Career Preparation. Plenary Session on Recent Research Findings, Reenvisioning the PhD conference, University of Washington, April, 2000


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